Monday, 14 June 2010

Outfit from 'Vincent and the Doctor'

This outfit is the one from Vincent and the doctor and i'm sorry i couldn't get a full length picture of this one :( sorrryyyy. But how can karren be wearing a mini skirt in the snow...crazy!

The trench coat is the main thing in this outfit and its good to keep you warm and dry too :) £7o at House of Frasier to get this coat

This red v neck appears a lot in Amy's outfits, but i'm not complaining because it is super cute ;) £12 at marks and spencers

I think a scarf was a good idea to keep Karren warm in this episode. £5 from Marks and Spencers

You can't see the skirt that Amy is wearing in this episode because it is covered by her coat but i think its a rey one and for only £9.99 at i'm not complaining.

Tights to keep you legs warm. £2 Dorothy Perkins

These Boots are the exact ones from the episode. £119 at

Amy's necklace is back again! £17.89 at argos is the price

So there we have another one of Amy's outfits there for all of you. Stay tuned for more (lol)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Outfit from 'The Hungry Earth' and 'Cold Blood'

Another one of Amy's outfit blogs for all of you :)

Bomber Jacket, £179 at Lakeland Leather

Gold DKNY watch, £57.50 at Tesco Direct

Red V neck, £12 at Marks and Spencers

Grey Tank Top £8 at

Black shorts, £35 at

Black tights, £4 marks and spencers

'A' necklace, £17.89 at argos

Cowboy boots, £95 at office

Keep checking my blogs for mor outfits :)

Outfit from 'Vampires Of Venice'

This is the best picture I could get of Amy's vampires of venice outfit but I really like this outfit and I hope you guys do too.

So the brown bomber jacket returns...and at £179 at lakeland leather I should think so too

The watch is back again too and for £57.50 from tesco direct I should think so too

Amy's red scarf appears a lot in future episodes and for only £5 from marks and spencers it is a steal

Amy seems to like these v neck jumpers and for only £8 at peacocks i'm not suprised

The necklace is back too and at £17.89 from Argos

Grey tank top, £8 at

Black crochet tights, £6 at Debenhams

Yet another mini skirt only £9.99 at

Exact boots at £119 at

The belt is back again too....gosh everything is making a comeback in this episode, £22.90 at

Colourful nails yay! Only £1.95 at superdrug too :)

So i'm really hoping tese blogs are helping you...there helping me lol i'm findind all the clothes I want :) so keep coming back and reading cos i'm working very hard to get all this info for y'all ;)

Outfit from 'The Time Of Angels' and 'Flesh and Stone'

Amy's outfit from 'The time of angels' and 'Flesh and stone is one of the most sought after. Amy has fully perfected the just thrown on look and don't you just want them legs!!!

This red hoodie is exactly the same as the one from the episode and its £26 from

This black denim mini is a steal at £9.99 at

I just love these grey tights and their only £5 from

These simple black socks are only £3 at peacocks for 3 pairs

Converse are great and I love that Amy decided to wear some. These ones are £36.99 at schuh and there great because you can wear them anywhere anytime :)

Amy always seems to be wearing this watch and at £57.50 from Tesco Direct I would wear it all the time too

Simple brown headband to keep your hair out of your face for only £3 at newlook

Keeping it colourful with purple nail varnish to finish off the look

I hope this was helpful for you and keep reading to get more of Amy Pond's Styles :)

Outfit from 'Victory of the Daleks'

This outfit is from victory of the daleks but it is also used for Amys character in the Doctor who adventures video game and it is used on the doctor who posters so it is one of the more well known outfits.

This bomber jacket is quite expensive at £179 from Lakeland Leather but its the price you haave to pay for a good quality leather jackets, but i did see quite a few nice ones on ebay for a lot cheaper so if you can't afford this one, go for a cheaper from ebay or something :)

This red v neck is only £12 at marks and spencers, it must sound like i'm obsessed with marks and spencers but they have loads of stuff that are good for these outfits lol

This tank top is only £8 at I love these outfits because clothes are put together that wouldn't normally be put together and it still looks really good. Wouldn't you agree?

Grey denim mini, only £9.99 at Bargin.

Closest thing i could find to Amy's cowboy boots within a suitable price range and these are still £95 from office...Yikes

'A' necklace, £17.89 at argos

This brown belt is super cute but kind of expensive for a belt at £22.90 at

Gold DKNY watch, £57.50 at Tesco Direct

Red nail polish is back again, £2.99 at superdrug

This is one of my favourite outfits because it puts clothes together that wouldn't normally be together...its genius lol. Anyway I hope this helped and I hope you keep reading my blogs :)

Nightie/Robe Outfit from 'The Beast Below'

Amy's first adventure through time is in her nightie...and here is all the things you need for tis outfit :)

You can find this dressing gown at Matalan for £10 and it isn't exactly like the one in the episode but its the closest i found, and not very expensive either which is deffo a plus right?

This long white nightie is £18 at Debenhams
So, Amy's first adventure in time and space with the doctor is in her nightie, so i'm going to give you all each of the garments in this outfit :)

Amy wears sneaker type pump things with this outfit so white converse lights are probably the right way to go. These are £34.99 at but if you can't afford them I would suggest some cheap can get some for £2 at primark

This watch is £57.50 at Tesco direct which is a bit on the steep side but its a DKNY one but you can opt for a cheaper one if you want to.

Well everyone needs to keep their toesies warm and in this outfit it is grey socks at £3 from marks and spencers

Yes the 'A' necklace is back at £17.89 at Argos

The red nails are back again as well and at only £2.99 for a bottle of this nail varnish at superdrug i'm not suprised

So I hope this was helpful and that you keep reading my blogs for more of Amy Ponds outfits :)