Sunday, 13 June 2010

Nightie/Robe Outfit from 'The Beast Below'

Amy's first adventure through time is in her nightie...and here is all the things you need for tis outfit :)

You can find this dressing gown at Matalan for £10 and it isn't exactly like the one in the episode but its the closest i found, and not very expensive either which is deffo a plus right?

This long white nightie is £18 at Debenhams
So, Amy's first adventure in time and space with the doctor is in her nightie, so i'm going to give you all each of the garments in this outfit :)

Amy wears sneaker type pump things with this outfit so white converse lights are probably the right way to go. These are £34.99 at but if you can't afford them I would suggest some cheap can get some for £2 at primark

This watch is £57.50 at Tesco direct which is a bit on the steep side but its a DKNY one but you can opt for a cheaper one if you want to.

Well everyone needs to keep their toesies warm and in this outfit it is grey socks at £3 from marks and spencers

Yes the 'A' necklace is back at £17.89 at Argos

The red nails are back again as well and at only £2.99 for a bottle of this nail varnish at superdrug i'm not suprised

So I hope this was helpful and that you keep reading my blogs for more of Amy Ponds outfits :)


  1. As I just don't know how I could get in touch with you... do you know where I could get the shirt Amy is wearing in "The Impossible Astronaut"?

  2. you can get that shirt in jack wills