Sunday, 13 June 2010

Outfit from 'The Time Of Angels' and 'Flesh and Stone'

Amy's outfit from 'The time of angels' and 'Flesh and stone is one of the most sought after. Amy has fully perfected the just thrown on look and don't you just want them legs!!!

This red hoodie is exactly the same as the one from the episode and its £26 from

This black denim mini is a steal at £9.99 at

I just love these grey tights and their only £5 from

These simple black socks are only £3 at peacocks for 3 pairs

Converse are great and I love that Amy decided to wear some. These ones are £36.99 at schuh and there great because you can wear them anywhere anytime :)

Amy always seems to be wearing this watch and at £57.50 from Tesco Direct I would wear it all the time too

Simple brown headband to keep your hair out of your face for only £3 at newlook

Keeping it colourful with purple nail varnish to finish off the look

I hope this was helpful for you and keep reading to get more of Amy Pond's Styles :)


  1. Thanks so much for posting all of these outfits! You've help me so much in getting this outfit together. I've order the sweatshirt from American Apparel and I can't wait for it to get here. I also go the converses from their website for a steal (only $22)! I hope you continue doing this for series 6!

  2. This is my fave outfit she has ever warn!!!! I am soooo saving up to buy all of this things in this outfit!! I love all the other ones aswell so i DO need to save up LOL!!!!! Thanks, you've helped me soo much.... Karen Gillan/Amy Pond is my style icon!! Thanks again!!

  3. this website totally saved me! I love some of the things Amy wears and I'm deciding on which outfit of hers to wear for Halloween. I picked up the Converses today because I love those sneakers anyway. thanks for putting up such detailed descriptions of her outfits!!

  4. I was searching through the internet and i found your blog. Doctor Who is my favorite show and i was considering being Amy for Halloween. I thought it would be cool cause i have the red hair and all. This was my fav. episode so Thanks for the idea! totally going to be her for Halloween. WHOOP WHOOP!!! thanks :)

  5. I'm currently knitting this jumper/hoodie. you really should post more :D

  6. I love this! I'm seriously considering buying everything and dressing like Amy forever!

  7. Please Please do season six!! I want to be a Amy in The Impossible Astronaut for Halloween, and I don't know where to get the clothes! Loove the blog BTW

  8. Do you have thé link for thé watch please, i can't find here. Sorry i'm french si my english is a bit horrible x)