Sunday, 13 June 2010

Outfit from 'Vampires Of Venice'

This is the best picture I could get of Amy's vampires of venice outfit but I really like this outfit and I hope you guys do too.

So the brown bomber jacket returns...and at £179 at lakeland leather I should think so too

The watch is back again too and for £57.50 from tesco direct I should think so too

Amy's red scarf appears a lot in future episodes and for only £5 from marks and spencers it is a steal

Amy seems to like these v neck jumpers and for only £8 at peacocks i'm not suprised

The necklace is back too and at £17.89 from Argos

Grey tank top, £8 at

Black crochet tights, £6 at Debenhams

Yet another mini skirt only £9.99 at

Exact boots at £119 at

The belt is back again too....gosh everything is making a comeback in this episode, £22.90 at

Colourful nails yay! Only £1.95 at superdrug too :)

So i'm really hoping tese blogs are helping you...there helping me lol i'm findind all the clothes I want :) so keep coming back and reading cos i'm working very hard to get all this info for y'all ;)

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  1. Is the red scarf Amy wears really the one from M&S or is the M&S one just the closet approx. you could find? Do you know if its still available? Please reply soon - I'm looking at it as a Xmas present!