Sunday, 13 June 2010

Kissogram Outfit from 'The Eleventh Hour'

Ok so this is Amy's first outfit on doctor who which is her kissogram outfit when she is dressed as a policewoman. The outfit is deffo not an actual police outfit because the skirt is way too short but I think Karren pulls it off well...will becoming a police women be her next big career move? Lets hope not otherwise we won't be seeing her on doctor who anymore and we all want to copy her amazing outfits ;)

Ok so this white shirt is £9.50 from marks and spencers, its just a simple plain white shirt and you can probably find one for cheaper in other places too

Police vests are quite hard to find on their own and i would suggest to look on sites like ebay 'cause you'll probably be able to pick one up cheapish. I did find one on but its £98 and I don't think you want to spend that much so go to ebay and have a look, you may get lucky :)

This skirt is also from marks and spencers and at £19.50 its not too bad and it means it will last and you can wear it again :)

A police utility belt is a harder find. This one is from but as with the vest you can probably find one for cheaper on ebay or something

Backseam tights are not the most attractive tights to wear (in my opinion anyway you might think differently) but are quite easy to find. These tights also have a cuban heel and are £8 at

These black oxford shoes are £45 at marks and spencers which is a lot i know. What i would suggest is to maybe opt for some cheaper black pumps or something but its up to you :)

I think the cravate makes the outfit (lol) and at only £2.99 at its a steal

Amy's 'A' necklace is really important because she wears it in nearly every outfit (don't quote me on this i'm not 100% sure) and this one is £17.89 at Argos

Amy's nailvarnish completes the outfit and this one is only £2.99 at superdrug

This watch is £57.50 at Tesco Direct but you can probably find a cheaper one elsewere

So thats it but if you want to make your life a whole lot easier I would just suggest buying a police woman costume but I couldn't find one that wasn't really trampy so you might have to look around a bit but it would probably be cheaper.
Thanks for reading this blog and i hope it was helpful to you :)


  1. This site is great!! I may not have her legs, but I would love to wear some of her outfits :}

  2. Hey, also if you don't want to have to go search about too hard for the police vest you can get a black fishing vest. Because it comes with tons of pockets and looks similar to the police vest but you would have to sow on the checkerboard patches and "police" insignia and such.